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Our company originates from a medicine wholesaler. Even at the very beginning stage of the company, we turned our eyes to overseas and traveled to every region of the world to procure raw materials. These activities led to building a solid foundation for our current import and distribution business. Our research center was established at an early stage, where we developed an isolated purification method of active compounds and their quantitative test method. This has contributed to evolving our original quality appraisal system, which relied on five senses and experiences, into a scientific one.

Our numerous research results have made a significant contribution not only in the academic field, such as crude drugs and the natural product chemistry, but also in the business field, such as the medical and pharmaceutical production industries. We procure raw materials from all over the world, such as the United States, China, Africa and India, as well as Japan. In appraising and selecting raw materials, our advanced scientific method is being applied, which is coupled with our mastery of five senses and experiences. As for raw materials we procure from our contract farms, we go all the way to the farming site and examine the whole process, starting from the plantation environment to the processing of crops. To select only those raw materials that meet our criteria, we touch them with our own hands, see them with our own eyes and sense the odor with our own noses.

Natural materials are used as feed ingredients for medicines, cosmetics and health foods. To truly satisfy our users' needs, we produce high-quality essences by extracting only those natural materials that have been thoroughly examined by us.


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May the natural blessing be with you - For your smiley and healthy life.

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